When to Call the Pros for Stains on Your Designer Carpeting

February 5th, 2014

The Plaza

Source: The Plaza.

Enjoy premier style and luxury at our eco-friendly apartments in Foster City. With 21st century interiors and amenities, you can experience unparalleled comfort, fun, and serenity at The Plaza.

One of the interior assets sure to please is the apartment’s designer-selected, cut pile carpeting. It adds a cozy feel, but when messes happen, it can be tricky to clean. Not to worry; here are a few tips for doing it yourself and when to call a professional.

Most spills are acidic-based, so use club soda to neutralize it and clean up the mess as best you can. For little spills, this shouldn’t be a problem. Whatever the mess, take care of it immediately.

For stains that won’t come out or come back, call a professional. Professionals have the products and equipment to effectively clean carpets. A few cleaners that can help are listed below.

CitruSolution cleans carpets with environmentally responsible methods.

Baker’s Carpet Cleaning does fast work and is also eco-friendly.

B&G Chem-Dry uses a unique system to clean carpets and get rid of dirt.

Evaluate the mess and call the professionals if you need them. For more information on living in our eco-friendly apartments in Foster City, contact us today.

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