Top 6 Coffee Shop Cold Brews in the Bay Area

June 7th, 2016

Whether you need a delicious caffeinated start to the day or a refreshing afternoon break, cold brew coffee can do the trick. Cold brew coffee has been trending for awhile now, and those in the San Francisco area have numerous compelling options.

Here are six of the best spots for cold brew coffee near your Foster City apartment:

1. Equator Coffee

Equator partnered with Joyride Coffee to create their featured nitro cold brew. It’s based on their Mocha Java Blend and has a smooth, creamy and highly satisfying pour. This chilled, kegged delight is served icy and refreshing at their mid-market and Miller Avenue locations. Their Tam Junction café features a 12-hour cold brew made in a toddy maker.

2. Front Café

How amazing is this – a coffee shop that is also an artists’ workshop! However, Front Café is also serious about coffee, focusing on, single-origin natural roasts. Their featured cold brew Konga Yirgacheffe Ethiopia Heirloom is steeped overnight and served in artsy mason jars. This rich but light-finishing brew features notes of chocolate and berry, and a fresh keg is made daily.

3. Mazarine Coffee

Mazarine Coffee on Market Street offers Nitro Cold Brew made from Costa Rican single-origin coffee beans for your caffeinated indulgence. This cold brew is steeped slowly for a full 24 hours, then it’s infused with nitrogen. The result is an eminently smooth, velvety finish that’s highly indulgent.

4. Coffee Bar on Bryant Street

The Bryant Street location of the Coffee Bar chain of cafés features a nitro cold brew from Mr. Espresso. This classic cold brew drink has been getting rave reviews since its debut in October of 2015. It is based on single-origin dark roasted Guatemalan beans and offers a nice alternative to the “Guinness beer” notes found in many nitro cold brew pours.

5. Black Sands in Lower Haight

While better known as purveyors of homemade beers and home brew supplies, this pub also pours espresso drinks until 2:00 pm daily. Among them is their very own cold brew called De La Paz Big City. Get ready for a rich, smooth ale-like drinking experience, but with a caffeinated kick.

6. Stumptown Cold Brew at Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Stumptown from Portland, Oregon is considered the original cold brew. Until now you could only find it in hip grocery stores in SFO; however, since Peet’s Coffee has bought Stumptown, you can expect to see it in all Peet’s locations.

Cold brew coffee is all the rage, and hip cafés that sell it are easily accessible from your Foster City apartment. For a luxury living experience that’s on the pulse of trending San Francisco culture, consider The Plaza Foster City apartments.

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