The New Rules for Stretching in the Fitness Center

March 31st, 2014

You’ve likely heard for most of your life that you should stretch before working out, to avoid overextending muscles and tendons and so you can limber up and get loose before putting your body through any rigorous routines.

There are definitely certain ways to stretch, and you should pay attention to your stretching to avoid accidental injury.

However, some research has shown lately that it may actually be better for your workout to wait until you’ve finished exercising to stretch, because your body can burn more fat and calories and your muscle groups get more of a workout.

So after your next cardio and weight training session, take time to stretch it out in the stretching and Pilates studio at The Plaza.

Your apartment in Foster City with fitness center access for residents around the clock provides you with an excellent place to work on your workout without leaving home to do so.

Whether you can only devote a few hours a week to your fitness routine or a few hours a day, the fitness center is always open and located just steps away from your apartment door.

Combined with our community wellness center, you can stay healthy and in shape all year long! Contact us today to find out more about the great features here at our brand new apartments for rent in the Pilgrim-Triton area of Foster City.

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