Take Your Pooch to Seal Point Dog Park Near Foster City

March 12th, 2015

If your dog’s been cooped up for much of the winter, now’s the time to head out to Seal Point Dog Park, just moments away from our pet-friendly apartments near Foster City.

Feel free to free your pet from his leash at either the small- or large-dog park while you enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Located at 1901 J Hart Clinton Drive, Seal Point Park also offers kayaking and windsurfing launch areas, bike and pedestrian trails, a ranger station, and toilets.

For the doggies though, it’s total heaven with over three acres of room to run, socialize, sniff, and explore. Dog bowls, hoses, and a shaded bench area provide time out for both pets and their owners. You can also walk your pooches on a leash along the waterfront trails, too.

The City of San Mateo does ask that dog owners follow a few simple guidelines when at the off-leash dog parks close by our pet-friendly apartments near Foster City.

  • Keep your leash handy and your eyes on your dog while he’s playing. Dogs can get rowdy at times while playing together.
  • Be able to use voice commands to control your dog. Unruly or aggressive dogs or dogs that are in heat aren’t allowed in the park.
  • Please do not bring food or dog treats into the off-leash area. Dogs can get overly excited when they smell treats.
  • Make sure your pet is vaccinated and licensed.
  • Only three dogs per owner are allowed, and owners must deposit pet waste in the pet receptacles provided.

Our luxury pet-friendly apartments near Foster City offers many other amenities while providing a safe and enjoyment environment for all of our residents. To find out more and schedule a tour, please contact us today.

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