Take Kayak Lessons on the Foster City Lagoon

February 24th, 2015

Do you like to get outside and have an adventure? Does the great outdoors call to you, beckoning you to come out and find some exciting new activity to take part in?

If so, you are in luck. Our area is full of opportunities for excitement in the great outdoors. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an upcoming day, consider taking kayak lessons on the Foster City Lagoon.

The Foster City Lagoon is the perfect place to spend time outdoors, and kayaking in Foster City is an excellent activity to try. The water is cool and clear, and the surrounding area is so lush and beautiful that you will have a hard time focusing on anything else. Luckily, you will stay focused once you get your kayak lessons going.

Kayaking on the Foster City Lagoon is a unique experience. You will paddle along the tranquil waters, taking in the scenery and discovering new parts of yourself. This is a wonderful experience for your body, soul, and mind. You will get a workout with the constant paddling, and your mind and spirit will be put at ease as you find your rhythm and take in the sights.

If you are interested in kayaking in Foster City, rentals are available. It is $10 per half-hour for a single person kayak and $20 per half-hour for a double kayak. Come out alone or bring a friend; either way, it will be just as fun.

In order to rent a kayak, you must know how to swim. A valid US Driver’s license is also necessary for anyone looking to rent any of the kayaks.

If you would like to learn more about our convenient apartments, please feel free to contact us.

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