See How Living at The Plaza Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

December 30th, 2014

Lowering your carbon footprint is easy when you live in one of our eco-friendly apartments in Foster City. A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse emissions released into the atmosphere and can be applied to a person, event, building, city, industry, or country.

Our LEED Gold designated apartment community was thoughtfully designed and built to LEED standards and includes many amenities and features that help our residents lower their individual carbon footprints as well.

The Plaza

Source: The Plaza.

The water that is used in The Plaza landscaping is recycled grey water within a drip irrigation system, and the plants are all native and drought-resistant species. Apartment toilets and bath and kitchen fixtures are all low-flow and highly efficient so you still get a great shower with plenty of pressure while using much less water. That goes for the Energy Star appliances too; these use less water and electricity to function optimally in our eco-friendly apartments in Foster City.

We have made it easy for our residents, at our eco-friendly apartments in Foster City, to leave their cars in the garage and use mass transit, bikes, and their own two feet to get around. Our fitness center, pool, spa, clubroom, and bike shop offer all you need to maintain your fitness regimens, and our close proximity to scenic bike paths and Caltrain means less cars on the road and, therefore, less gas being pumped.

Our Foster City apartments are truly an inspiring place to live and worth seeing to believe. Contact us to schedule a tour, and find out how you can start living a greener lifestyle at The Plaza!

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