Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Using Foster City’s Public Transit

July 31st, 2013


Hop on the Samtrans to CalTrain. Source: SamTrans.

Over 350,000 people commute into San Francisco daily. Can you even imagine the air quality, or lack of it, if all of them drove their own cars?

Since you have chosen to live in a non-smoking community, it is pretty clear that air quality is important to you. Our Foster City apartments near public transit stops make it easy to stay out of that group of drivers. Foster City has created a public transportation system that is all about choices.

You can ride the rails up and down the San Francisco Peninsula on CalTrain. Commuters can take SamTrans to the closest station, just three miles away from home.

Fares are reasonably priced and  are discounted for young people under 18 years of age and senior citizens. SamTrans connects to AX Transit, CalTrain, Dumbarton Express, and VTA.

Using public transportation has more benefits than just air quality. If you have leased a car, you know the problem with high mileage. You can minimize that mileage by using public transportation for your commute and saving the car for after hours and weekend travels. Your auto insurance may also be discounted.

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