Recycle Clothes in Foster City at Hillsdale Shopping Center

February 28th, 2014

There are many avenues for recycling in Foster City and here at our eco-friendly apartments in Foster City we are enthusiastic proponents of the philosophy and its practices.

The Plaza

Source: Hillsdale Shopping Center via Facebook

There are many outlets for clothing recycling in Foster City, but did you know that you can bring a bag of unwanted clothes with you on your next outing to Hillsdale Shopping Center? Yes there are only retail stores, restaurants and services there, but one store, H&M, is a leader in sustainability practices in the garment industry, and they will take your used clothing!

H&M has a three level program to rewear, reuse or recycle all pre-owned garments, brought into any of their stores, that utilizes every scrap of fabric no matter what the condition. The program is a model in the retail industry that’s being watched very closely by other large chain stores to see how customers respond. So drop off your bag of clothes at H&M in Zone A, lower level, get 15 percent off of a new item of clothing in the store and know that you’ve contributed to a worthy cause.

Find out more about green living in Foster City when you contact us about our brand new, eco-friendly apartments for rent in the Pilgrim-Triton area of Foster City.

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