Plan Winter Birthday Parties at Belmont Iceland in Foster City

November 12th, 2014

Do you have any kids or younger family members who will be enjoying a birthday this winter? Winter birthday parties can be a lot of fun, despite the misgivings that some people might have over having a birthday during the coldest part of the year.

Rather than staying cooped up in your Foster City apartment for a birthday, you should plan a party outing instead.

Belmont Iceland is an ice skating rink near Foster City, and it’s a great destination for parties and social gatherings. Planning a birthday party is always a huge hit because it gives the attendees something to do away from home that is exciting and will keep them physically active.

You can also plan a game of broomball at Belmont Iceland that will rev up the fun factor and make the party a bit more competitive and challenging. Broomball is essentially a game of ice hockey, played with brooms and a ball instead of sticks and a puck. You also play it in rubber-soled shoes instead of on skates.

Belmont Iceland can arrange a game of broomball for up to 35 people for $285, and they’ll provide all of the equipment you need to make the game a huge success.

Do you have some ideas for making winter birthday parties fun-filled and awesome events? Share your tips with your neighbors and friends on our Facebook page.

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