Plan a Party at The Plaza’s Outdoor Lounge

May 21st, 2013

The Plaza

Our outdoor kitchen and dining area at The Plaza

This summer, celebrate the fact that you have chosen to live in a splendid luxury apartment in Foster City. At The Plaza, we have plenty of things for you to celebrate and plenty of places for you to invite your friends over to join in the festivities with you.

Our apartment community features a spectacular outdoor kitchen and dining area that are ideal, whether you want to grill up a steak or boil up some penne. All you have to do is figure out what you want to cook, and the area is yours to enjoy.

After dinner, head on over to the outdoor lounge area where you can watch the game, put on your favorite movie, or just kick back and relax after dinner, drinks, and dessert. Just don’t forget to follow the 30-minute rule before you decide to jump in the swimming pool or spa.

Finally, don’t forget that if the weather isn’t cooperating with your plans, you can also reserve the club room and the catering kitchen and bring the fun inside.

To learn more about The Plaza and the many amenities we offer our residents, give us a call at 877-506-2678 and set up an appointment to see our apartments in Foster City!

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