Online Search Tools for Electronic Recycling in Foster City

September 4th, 2013


Source: Earth911.

Your home at The Plaza comes with apartment and community features for convenient and comfortable living. However, learning about recycling in Foster City is an essential step to “responsible” apartment living.

Your first step to green living is to use all of the resources that are already available; head out to our community business and media center, and find all of the best local programs to recycle your electronics online:

  • Call2Recycle, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides free battery and cell phone recycling program, funded by environmentally responsible battery and product manufacturers. You only need to enter your location, and Call2Recycle will find the nearest battery recycling station.
  • Greener Gadgets is CEA’s electronics recycle program locator that also offers a variety of resources about green and sustainable living. Apart from tips on buying green and living green, you can also make a full use of their energy calculator tool.
  • At Earth911, you can find programs for recycling vehicle parts, batteries, home renovation materials such as paint, glass, gardening products, plastic, paper, and even hazardous materials, on top of electronics recycling programs. Just enter your location or the items you want to recycle, and you will get a list of recycling programs near your home.

Another giant step toward green apartment living is to connect with the community and share your own tips and ideas about recycling, so “like” us on Facebook and share your thoughts with us. And don’t forget, recycling electronics can also earn you some extra change!

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