Learn to Play Bocce Ball at Our Foster City Apartments

April 30th, 2015

Our community is one of the few Foster City apartments with bocce ball court. This fun outdoor game is perfect to play with your friends or family on a lazy spring evening.

The Plaza

Source: The Plaza.

Bocce ball is played in two separate teams, each using a set of different-colored balls. The first team throws out the pallino or neutral ball. After that, teams take turns trying to get their ball closest to the pallino. Bowlers for each team can accomplish this by rolling their ball straight to the pallino, knocking an opponent’s ball out of the way, or by creating an obstacle to protect one of their own balls. You can use any part of the court to bounce or guide your ball into the right position.

The round is over when all of the colored balls for both teams have been rolled. The team with the closest ball claims the frame. That team receives one point for every ball they have closer to the pallino than the other team. It takes a total of at least 12 points across all frames in order to take the game.

For a low-impact game that you can play with people of all ages, our Foster City apartments with bocce ball court have what you need. To learn more about the other amenities enjoyed by our residents, contact us today.


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