Join the Community Bike Ride in Boothbay Park

August 27th, 2014

Perhaps you’re looking for community events in Foster City that you can enjoy with your family or friends. An activity that is both fun and provides physical exercise, such as a bike ride, is perfect for people of most ages.

The Community Bike Ride will be on Sept. 21 at Boothbay Park. It will start at 10 a.m. and go until 1 p.m. Opt for a 2.5 mile bike ride or an 11-mile bike ride.

There will be bike and helmet safety checks along the way, free of charge. There will also be water and snacks at the half point of the bike ride and at the finish line.

Restorative yoga is also a great way to unwind either solo or with others. Fortunately, as tenants of our affluent apartments in Foster City, we have the perfect spot to practice yoga – the Zen Courtyard.

Restorative yoga is useful in training your body to handle stressful situations. The three steps to this type of yoga are relaxing your body and mind, long, deep breaths and calming your mind.

You can use various poses to bring to your mind the areas of your body that are holding tension. Then you will be able to breathe into those areas and help yourself relax.

For instance, try the legs up the wall pose. In this pose you lie flat on your back with your legs extended up a wall. This pose helps to bring the blood flow to your stomach and other intestinal organs.

Of all the community events in Foster City, you don’t want to miss the community bike ride. Make plans to attend today!

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