Grow Your Own Fall Fruit on Your Foster City Patio

November 7th, 2013


Source: MorgueFile.

The private patios and balconies in our luxury apartments in Foster City not only provide residents with a relaxing space to enjoy fresh air and quiet time, but they are also a great place to start a container garden.

While most people think of fruit trees as being large and located in a yard, you can have your own orchard right outside your door. Many fruit trees do very well in containers for several years before they need to be replanted in roomy and fertile soil, so start a fruit garden today.

If you’d like your private orchard to contain fruit trees that produce showy fall fruit, make sure you check out fruits like Harvest Gold flowering crab apples, the American cranberry bush (viburnum), black chokecherry, or a simple lemon or lime tree.

If you have used the private patios and balconies to start your own container garden, share your experience with your neighbors on our Facebook page and stay connected.

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