Go Green in Foster City: 5 Ways to Help California Save Water

March 25th, 2014

California has always had issues with having enough water. As the population has grown, our arid climate has struggled to keep up with the demands we are are placing on our water supply.

The Plaza

Source: The Plaza.

You can help by going green in Foster City this year and by using these water-saving tips to help reduce your usage of this very precious natural resource.

  1. Wash dishes using as little water as possible. Fill one side of your sink for washing and one for rinsing. Don’t simply allow the water to run freely.
  2. Take short showers, and forgo taking baths. This will make a big difference in how much water you are using.
  3. Wash only full loads of laundry in the in-home, full-size washers and dryers in our apartments.
  4. Recycle your shower water, and use it for watering plants and cleaning your private patio off with.
  5. Report any water leaks you discover as soon as you notice them.

For more information about how you can go green at our eco-friendly apartments in Foster City by using amenities such as the low-flow water fixtures we have available at The Plaza, contact us, and we will be happy to share the details with you.

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