Finding Your Zen: 3 Ways to Destress Naturally For a Better Life

May 19th, 2016

Study after study proves that stress is bad for us. From raising blood pressure to causing ulcers, too much stress can have serious consequences. But how can you destress naturally to regain your health and start enjoying life again? Here are three great options to consider.

3 Ways to Destress Naturally For a Better Life

  1. Take in a Zen garden. Countless studies have found that getting out into nature helps quickly and effectively lower your perceived stress levels.  By combining this with the simple beauty of a Zen garden, you have an environment that is conductive to deep thoughts, introspection and real growth. Whether it’s participating in garden care, simple meditation or just enjoying the great outdoors, spending time in these beautiful gardens provide you with a wonderful, relaxing place to release your daily burdens.
  2. Become one with stillness. Whether it’s sticking to a regular bedtime or stopping to meditate and focus on what is upsetting you, taking time to simply be is vital to destressing your life. A busy life makes it easy to stay up just a little later in the interest of accomplishing all you set out to, but losing sleep is related to significant health concerns. Meditation gives you the opportunity for deep introspection and consideration of your problems, your stress triggers and potential solutions you may not have considered, giving you a solid sense of accomplishment. Set aside a few minutes a day to simply listen to yourself and your own thoughts.
  3. Give yourself space. When your schedule doesn’t have any margin of error or you’re in a situation where you can’t back off to discover what’s stressing you out, stress becomes a way of life. In our busy lives today, it’s almost a competition to be busier than other people. We rush around trying to accomplish so much that we miss the really important things in life and don’t have time to think about where we are in our lives and how to make meaningful change that will improve our individual situations.

By removing stress, you can get more enjoyment out of life while enjoying better health. If you want to keep stress down in your life, there are few apartments in Foster City, California that do a better job than The Plaza’s luxury living. To see what relaxed luxury looks like, please contact us with any questions, for more information or to schedule an appointment to see our beautiful community.

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