Fall Foster City Fruits that are Safe for Your Dog to Eat

October 22nd, 2014

Having a dog means that our souls are constantly at ease. There’s something about the loving and attentive nature of a dog that is sure to make one smile and keep a person in a pleasant state of mind.


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If you’re concerned about which fall fruits are okay for your dog to eat at your pet-friendly apartments in Foster City, we have some information for you. Here are fall fruits that are safe for your dog to eat.

  • Apples: There are incredible benefits for your dog when he eats apples. In fact, many top of the line dog food companies utilize apples in their food. Still, apples can be dangerous. Make sure to clear any stems, seeds, and leaves away before feeding your dog an apple. These other parts can cause digestive problems, so be thorough when preparing apples for your pup!
  • Pears: In the same way as apples, pears are nutritious and helpful for your dog. The mealy quality of pears makes for an excellent source of fiber. But, just as with apples, make sure to get rid of the stems and seeds so as to not hinder your dog in any way.
  • Pumpkins: The most plentiful and colorful of fall fruits, pumpkins are everywhere this time of year! Luckily, pumpkins are a great treat for your dog. This differs from apples and pears because the seeds are fine, and even healthy, for your dog to eat. Be sure to give them raw seeds if you do as prepared and salted pumpkin seeds are less nutritious for your furry friend.

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