Expert Cleaning Tips for Vacuuming Your Cut Pile Carpeting

December 12th, 2013

Foster City apartment with designer-selected, cut pile carpeting

Keep your carpet fresh and like new with these tips. Source: The Plaza.

Few things say “luxury” more effectively than our Foster City apartment’s designer-selected, cut pile carpeting. We have shared some great ways to keep it fresh and looking new with environmentally friendly methods. Here are some tips to make vacuuming easier and more effective.

  • Minimize the work by avoiding some of it altogether. Position mats at entrances. This will minimize tracking dirt from outside. Dust before vacuuming to catch flying particles.
  • Vacuum frequently to reduce pet hair buildup and keep high-traffic areas spotless.
  • Make sure you select the correct attachment to do the job properly, and make sure to adjust the height appropriately for the pile of the carpet.
  • Take multiple passes with each swipe of the vacuum to pick up as much debris as possible.
  • Avoid overfilling the bag to ensure maximum suction. Keep the filter and the attachments clean for optimal efficiency.
  • Pick up small objects, even if you thing the vacuum can handle them, to avoid damage to the unit.
  • Treat spots with stain remover before they are set permanently.

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