Eco-Friendly Tips to Prevent Pollution that Flows to Bay

July 17th, 2014

Hazardous household waste products, when disposed of properly, can flow into the bay and cause serious pollution problems that threaten to damage the ecosystem and the health of everything living in the bay.


Source: MorgueFile.

While most people don’t mean to harm the bay, not taking proper care of disposing of hazardous household waste products is a serious problem. While choosing eco-friendly apartments in the Bay Area can help, there are other things you can do to keep pollution from flowing into the bay on your own. Use these tips to make sure the environment stays green and healthy.

  • Switching to fluorescent or CFL bulbs is a good first step toward reducing your energy consumption and bills. However, these bulbs can’t just be tossed into the trash. Instead, find a nearby collection place.
  • Save disposable batteries in a small jar until you have enough to recycle them. Throwing them in the trash might seem convenient, but those batteries can leak materials that harm the earth and the bay.
  • Never throw old paint cans out. Since paint is a liquid, it can easily spread through the bay and harm wildlife and water quality. Keep paint cans for secondary projects, or dispose of them properly.
  • Don’t just throw away your electronics when you’re done using them. If they still work, try donating them to a service that will sell them for a good cause like Goodwill or Salvation Army. A free Craigslist posting can also help you find somebody to take your electronics, maybe even if they have a problem and need repair work.
  • Avoid putting old medications down the drain. These can get into the water and cause significant problems.

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