Eco-Friendly Retail Stores in Foster City

January 19th, 2016

love natureAs we become more and more conscientious about our environment, our interest in eco-friendly living has grown. Everything from toys to clothes to cleaning supplies have an eco-friendly alternative. If you thought that it was only food that was grown organically, you would be surprised to find out about mattress stores that deal with organically grown, chemical-free cotton mattresses.

Listed below are some eco-friendly retail stores for food, clothing and toys in and around Foster City, California.

  • Once upon a Child: A children’s store in San Mateo, a ten minute drive from Foster city, is the place to visit if you do not believe in wasting clothes by throwing them away if they are in good condition. Children outgrow their clothes and get bored of new toys after a few days. They really do not mind if the toy is used as long it is new to them. This store sells and buys clothes and children toys which are in very good condition.
  • BeGood Clothing store: Selling timeless designs woven from eco-friendly fabrics, BeGood store sells clothing for both men and women with flair and breathing life into each design. The retail store is also online. The company believes that organic fabric is sturdier and lasts longer than treated fabric. Look out for chic yet enduring clothing.
  • Fresh Start Natural Foods: Visit here for a fresh selection of fruits and vegetables.
  • Foster City Farmer’s Market: Located on Beach Park Blvd, the Farmer’s market is paradise for every green warrior. The produce sold here are grown pesticide free and fresh from the fields. If not to buy local seasonal produce, a visit to the Farmer’s market will have you coming back for the yummy pita chips and kettle corn sold here. Freshly baked bread and the numerous food joints lure your attention and keep you occupied for an entire day.
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