Create a Simple First Aid Kit for Your Dog in Foster City

January 22nd, 2015

We all know to have first-aid and survival kits in our homes and automobiles for emergencies, but do you have one for your canine companions in our pet-friendly apartments in Foster City?

Even if you always walk your dog on a leash and faithfully take your dog for it’s yearly checkups, unexpected emergencies do arise. A first-aid kit can buy you valuable time or can eliminate the need to see a vet entirely.

By following this first-aid pet checklist you’ll always have emergency supplies on hand.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide, wound spray such as Vetericyn, and eye and ear wash are liquids that routinely come in handy. Hydrogen Peroxide can clean a gash or induce vomiting in case of poison ingestion while wound spray promotes healing and is an antiseptic. Use ear and eye wash to flush out debris or irritants after those long walks tramping through tall grasses or after a swim in the bay.
  • A short 5′ leash, a muzzle and a dog cone should be in your canine first-aid kit at our pet-friendly apartments in Foster City. Dogs that are injured can hurt themselves and you in their agitation so controlling them and forcing them to quiet down while you tend to their wounds is very important. Dog cones protect the wound site from a dog’s need to lick or scratch the area constantly.
  • Self-clinging bandages to staunch and cover a laceration and scissors for cutting the gauze can prevent undue loss of blood on the way to your vets.

Also, always have your dog’s records easily accessible and current in case you must visit an emergency clinic with Fido near our luxury pet-friendly apartments in Foster City.

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