Come to the Last Foster City Compost Giveaway of the Year

September 18th, 2014

Living in our affluent apartment community is a singular experience. You can experience the height of luxury while being surrounded by beautiful scenery and a lively city. A key part of our vibrant community is a range of green events in Foster City.

Foster City openly and wholeheartedly encourages its residents to reduce their waste and recycle wherever and whenever they can.

As part of this drive, the city is behind an energetic composting drive. A wide range of natural and food-based items can be added to the composter with an aim to help reduce waste in the city.

As a further incentive, residents that want to support green events in Foster City can claim free compost several times each year.

The compost giveaway takes place at Boat Park West Corner, off of Foster City Boulevard and Bounty Drive. The last of the four dates for this year happens on October 4th from 8 am until 5 pm.

All residents and employees within Foster City are welcome to attend and can take up to one cubic yard of compost. This is the same as six full garbage cans. To claim your free compost, you will need to bring along some containers. Don’t forget about shovels and gloves.

How do you use your compost? Visit our Facebook page, and tell us all about it. However, if you are not yet part of our eco-friendly apartments in Foster City, contact us for more information about our floor plans and amenities that will make your living nothing less than spectacular!

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