Clean Your Foster City Windows Using Newspaper

November 20th, 2014

When you read blogs about green apartment cleaning tips, you might see the suggestion of using newspaper to clean your windows. Most people snort that even their grandparents don’t buy newspapers anymore. Yet, believe it or not, you have an unlimited resource for newsprint.


Source: MorgueFile.

Look in your mailbox. About half of the endless piles of advertising you find there will be newsprint. Instead of tossing it into the trash, as you go through it to make sure nothing important is there, set aside a few pages; you don’t need much.

  • Now that you have your newsprint, you will also need a window spray. You can use a commercial spray,  a 50-50 mix of vinegar and water, or just a spray bottle of water.
  • Lightly spray the cleaner onto the glass.
  • Crumple the paper into a ball, and rub the glass in a circular motion.
  • Follow the circular motion first with vertical and then horizontal strokes until the window sparkles.

Now you can throw away the rest of the junk mail. While you are at it, try to make sure the rest of the junk mail goes into a recycle bin when appropriate.

Living green is more than just following a few green apartment cleaning tips on a blog. It is a philosophy and a commitment to sustainable choices. At The Plaza, we built in some serious features to help our residents follow that philosophy, like a focus on mass transit, beams and joists made from recycled wood-chip byproducts, and drought-tolerant plants.

If you would like to join our environmentally conscious apartment community, contact our leasing office and discuss availability.

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