Celebrate Chinese New Year at These Restaurants in Foster City

January 15th, 2015

Chinese New Year falls on February 19th. It’s a Green Wood Sheep Year, according to the Chinese Lunar and Solar calendar system: a very lucky year promising peace, harmony, and good fortune.

If you can use a bit of all three in your life right about now, make a point of celebrating at one of the terrific Chinese restaurants in Foster City. Here are two that should be included on your list.

My Cooking Papa has three restaurant locations, and the one in Foster City is on Edgewater Boulevard. This restaurant serves authentic Hong Kong/Cantonese-style food at great prices.

A huge menu includes Peking Duck, clay pot dishes, and fabulous egg puffs for dessert. Be sure to try the roasted pork belly, Xiao long bao (steamed pork dumplings in soup), and the Fook-Kin fried rice; plus, any of the seafood dishes are sure to please. Try to get a window table; the view of the lake is a nice distraction while you wait.

Try 5 Joy Restaurant (1489 Beach Park Boulevard) for some of the best Taiwanese/Chinese cooking in the Bay area. Some favorite dishes are the Stinky Tofu, Thousand Layer Pancake, Beef Handcut Noodles, and the Lionhead ground pork meatballs. Top your meal off with a super sweet Chinese fried doughnut, and you’ll waddle out of the place.

You won’t find many restaurants in Foster City serving Taiwanese street food, but here, try the ChungHua Road Potstickers: flavorful dumplings stuck together in a row with thick skins. Yum.

There are many excellent restaurants in Foster City close by our luxury LEED Gold designated apartments. Let us know your favorites with a post on our Facebook page.

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