Carve Up Something Good Near The Plaza at Harry’s Hofbrau

June 6th, 2013

Harry's Hofbrau Foster City

Visit Harry’s Hofbrau for their famous whole roasted turkey. Source: Harry’s Hofbrau Foster City.

Pleasing a variety of palates can be a challenge, but Harry’s Hofbrau makes it a breeze. With its selection of carved dinners and variety of sandwiches, soups and salads, you’ll find something to please even the most opinionated of mouths. Its Foster City location is within walking distance from your luxury Foster City apartment, making Harry’s Hofbrau an easy fix for a delicious dinner.

Harry’s Hofbrau has tailored the unique “carvery” concept with its distinctive restaurant blend of a cafeteria and buffet. Enjoy a meal from their set menu available every day, or opt for a daily special.

Enjoy the sausage jambalaya on Tuesday night, then refresh your taste buds with turkey enchiladas on Thursday. Or choose from a wide variety of quality, freshly-carved selection of meats for a Carvery Dinner, which comes complete with sides.

The Carvery also offers party catering, from weddings to office parties to family gatherings in celebration of special events. Try one of the Carvery Sandwiches, then have Harry’s Hofbrau cater your next graduation party for a hassle-free spread that will satisfy and delight.

Don’t miss the heart of Harry’s Hofbrau, their famous roasted turkey served in several ways, and tell us how it was with a post on our Facebook page.

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