Build Strength with a Blended Yoga and Pilates Workout in Foster City

February 4th, 2015

There are many types of exercise equipment that build strength and burn calories; barbells, medicine balls, and numerous machines can help build muscle strength through specific exercise regimens like crossfit, pilates, HIIT, or SIT and others.

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But sometimes it’s necessary to take it down a notch and still feel as though you’ve relieved high stress levels when you’re done. At our apartments in Foster City with yoga studio, you can try a blended yoga and Pilates workout that is simple, only takes 15 minutes, still burns calories, and leaves you calmer, more centered, and feeling great.

This is a fluid workout combining 13 exercises, using only a floor mat, that increases strength and flexibility. The moves are all done lying down or on hands and knees so you can really concentrate on isolating each muscle group and breathing properly.

Here is the progression in three sections:

First Section: Start on your back, arching your spine up and down with 10 Pilates Imprints. Next, you extend each leg, hovering off the floor, then bending your knee into your chest for 10 Leg Extensions + Stretch. Third are 10 Leg Extensions on each leg, followed by five Pilates Imprints.

Second section: You’re on hands and knees for 10 half-push-ups stretching into Child’s Pose, followed by 10 Bird Dogs on each leg, 10 Cat to Cow, and 10 Cobra Tricep Push-ups.

Third section: Again, you’re on your back for 10 Bridge + Press + Pullovers, 10 Alternating Walk-ups, and 10 Alternating Knee Hug Circles. Finish with 20 seconds of knee hug stretch, followed by 20 seconds of full-body stretch.

Our luxury apartments in Foster City with yoga studio offers residents the opportunity for a healthy lifestyle with premium amenities. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour.

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