Bike the Foster City Pedway on the San Francisco Bay Trail

August 13th, 2013

Wikimedia CommonsLooking for a safe way to bike Foster City? Try out the Pedway on the San Francisco Bay Trail for an easy and safe way to cycle your daily commute and save money on gas. Start from our luxury Foster City apartments and head to the trail for a leisurely ride or an effective way to travel the city.

The Foster City Pedway is next to Belmont Slough, and it’s a path that’s perfect for walkers, cyclists, and joggers. It can be accessed from many points and connects to Redwood Shores from the South end. Take the scenic trail for a fun ride, and ride along the beach and other beautiful scenery.

If you’d like to take your bike to work but you’ve never tried it before, follow some first time tips to get you going. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes, and map out your route before your first trip to ensure you know where and how you’ll get to work, and how long it will take. Pack a first aid kid and tire patch repair kit to prepare for any unseen accidents.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

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