Beautiful & Scenic Hikes Near Foster City

October 4th, 2015

adventure, travel, tourism, hike and people concept - smiling coHiking is, without question, one of the best ways to achieve both fitness and adventure especially living on the Western part of the country. There are countless areas and trails to explore in this part of the country, but we’ve put together a list of where Foster City dwellers to get started. Here are 5 hiking trails around Foster City, California.

  • Batteries to Bluffs Trail: Located 20 miles from Foster City, the Batteries to Bluffs Trail offer a majestic view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin County. The level of difficulty is moderate crediting this to the steps and small climbs that you encounter on the way if you deviate towards Marshall Beach. However, the overall hike is a short one, making it a favored trail for all levels.
  • Purisima Creek Redwoods: Situated just 8 miles from Foster City, the Purisima Creek Redwoods trail stretches 7 miles and easily takes up at least half a day to complete. The trail is embedded in the western slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The view of Half Moon Bay while you trek is just one variable that makes it worth the climb. Frequent visitors advise hikers to bring water for this lengthy trail.
  • Pulgas Water Temple Area Exploration: An easy hike distance of 2 miles, the Pulgas Water Temple is around 6 miles from Foster City. The temple was built at the end of the Hetch Hetchy as a monument to the new water system. This hike not only exposes you to areas of protected wilderness, but also a magnificent view of the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean.
  • Fifield-Cahill Ridge Trail Exploration: This trail is only open to volunteer trail leader trips three times a week. With a moderate level of difficulty, the trails wind through Douglas fir, Watershed lands, San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Edgewood Park Serpentine Trail: Located at a distance of 5.9 miles from Foster City, the Edgewood Park Serpentine Trail is a 3.3 mile, easy-moderate hiking trail in the middle of the park. Situated close to the Emerald Lake Hills, California, the hike takes about an hour to three to complete.
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