Best Furniture to Recycle and Repurpose

December 19th, 2015

repurp headbordRecycle and repurpose is a popular mantra among the present generation. If a piece of furniture still has some good years left in it but has out grown its initial purpose, a little creativity opens up a new possibility in another form. Everything from the front door to the old coffee table can be reused. Before discarding your old furniture, consider the ways it could be used for something else. Here are a few tips on the best furniture to repurpose and recycle.

  • Front Door: Renovating the house and don’t know what to do with the old wooden door? An old door can be converted into a distressed coffee table. Add a touch of rustic finish to the living room. You don’t have to be mindful about staining it or think twice before throwing your legs up.
  • Mattress Spring: Do not throw out that old mattress spring just yet. The mattress spring on the wall serves as a large, vintage message board or photo wall. You can use clothes pins to hold the photos and messages. You could also keep everyday items on hangers attached to the mattress.
  • Wooden Stool: With a new coat of paint, that old stool which was forgotten about can hold your family picture or flower vase. Hang it on a wall as a shelf or place it next to the couch as an end table.
  • Coffee Table: If you’re replacing your coffee table, consider using the face of the old one as a headboard in one of your bedrooms. Wood coffee tables, especially, can have the legs removed and be refurbished into a beautiful headboard.
  • Repurposed Headboard: Maybe you’ve gotten a new bed or invested in a new headboard, and you’re not sure what to do with the old one. Headboards can made into benches for your entryway or the end of the bed. Also, consider cutting them down and attaching hooks for a rustic coat hanger.

Whatever piece of furniture you’re getting ready to toss out, first be sure to consider its shape and brainstorm the creative ways you can make a new life for it.

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