Best Coffee Shops Near Foster City

November 3rd, 2015

Coffee ShopThey say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and in most cases, breakfast means coffee. No matter what your day-to-day responsibilities bring, a good dose of caffeine can be an extremely helpful way to kickstart the day. For those living in Foster City, we know the importance of having a go-to coffee shop. Below is a list of popular coffee shops in Foster City to check out.

  • Apple Fritter – A perfect choice for breakfast, brunch or lunch is Apple Fritter. Its menu includes various choices of coffee which can be partnered with donuts, sausages, sandwiches or burgers. Apple Fritter also offers a great ambiance, a small interior accompanied with excellent service, and a one stop shop for anything you may need to start your day. Located inside an old Taco Bell restaurant, Apple Fritter gives an entirely new meaning to makeover.
  • See U – Warm ambiance, tasty food, customized coffee to meet customer’s need along with WiFi and even private karaoke. What more can a coffee shop offer its customers? While the menu at See U may be on the smaller side, the food here is extremely tasty. Visit See U for an all-day coffee experience in a quaint venue.
  • Chatime Cafe – Chatime Café puts their own unique spin on starting the day. If you’re more of a tea and smoothie aficionado, this is your place. They have a great selection of juice, smoothies, boba, and matcha green tea just to name a few. Try out their popcorn chicken and other artisan snack items.
  • Penelope’s Coffee and Tea: Penelope’s is a great coffee stop if you’re seeking quick and friendly service coupled with a trendy ambience. They have menu items from breakfast burritos to a yogurt bar. There’s power outlets at every seating area for those looking to get some work done, and even a chess table for those ready to play.
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