Best Bike Trails Near Foster City

September 5th, 2015

halfmoonbayIf you wish to explore the beauty of Mother Nature in California, bike trails are one of the best methods to do so. For those who like adventurous trips, who are ready to experiment and who desire to explore Foster City in an unforgettable way, rent a bike or take your own out for a spin today. You can choose to explore these trails for an hour or a day or a week depending upon your schedule:

  • San Francisco Bay Trail – Long and flat, this trail is a desired option for bikers, runners or those on rollerblades. There are some amazing sight-seeing points throughout this course. The best part is that biking becomes an exercise as this stretch is extremely windy and you will really have to work to get going. It seems that as the bridge meets the sun, the airplanes take off from the horizon. If there is one trail you should not miss, it is the San Francisco Bay Trail.
  • Half Moon Bay – The best time to enjoy this route is during spring, winter and fall. Throughout the trail, you will find various paths leading to sandy beaches which will make you get going for camping, lounging, shopping, fishing and many other sporty activities. When riding on this trail, ensure that you carry your camera to capture the scenic sights while you have lunch at a roadside restaurant.
  • Skyline Trail – Skyline trail is close to a 15 mile long route which can be covered on bike at several break points. The trail has environmental exclusions and incredible firebreak junctions thus making the view here mesmerizing. There are several virgin forests on one side of this trail which still remains untouched, therefore making it a lovable site for bikers and hikers alike.

As you bike through these trails, check out the various picnic spots, different food joints and drinks spots along the way, and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen before you initiate your biking expedition.

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