Back to School in the Foster City School District

July 24th, 2014

August 27 marks the beginning of the new school year and it’s creeping closer every second, probably at the displeasure of your kids.

Back-to-school shopping for Audubon Elementary and Bowditch Middle School can get expensive, but there are ways to make your dollar stretch a bit farther. Here are some of those ways.

San Mateo-Foster City School District

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  • Don’t procrastinate: You wouldn’t want your kids to put off doing their homework, so don’t put off buying them school clothes and supplies for two reasons. First, the best deals are usually had early in back-to-school fever. Second, if you wait until the end of the summer, you’ll likely be stuck choosing from the more expensive products.
  • Check the school’s list: Before you take your kids shopping, check the school’s required supplies list. That will give you a good basis of what is required versus what your kids may just want. It’s also okay to allow your children to make a short list of items you’ll allow them to get that they want but set a price limit before you leave the apartment.
  • Host a swap party: Invite some of the other parents over and tell them to bring some of their spare school supplies and clothing. Have your kids pick out what they like in exchange for some of their unused items. Nothing beats getting new clothes and supplies without spending a dime.
  • Check out their closet: School fads change often. What’s not cool one school year may be the new cool thing the next. Check your kid’s closets as there will probably be some clothes that have made their way to the back that are now the cool thing. Doing this before you go out shopping for new clothes could save you big money.

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