Apartment Ideas: Scent Your Living Space in Foster City

March 13th, 2014


Source: MorgueFile.

You have probably heard that when you want to sell your home, you should bake cookies before the open house to fill the air with an inviting fragrance. However, you might not be aware that other scents create specific moods that will make your home more comfortable.

Here are a few quick ideas to make apartment living in Foster City more pleasurable:

  • Peppermint makes us feel alert to boost our performance of boring tasks or physical workouts.
  • Oranges reduce anxiety and provide a calming effect when we are nervous.
  • Lavender brings relaxation and sweet dreams, and it is a positive bedroom enhancement.

You can bring these scents into the area you want to affect in a number of ways. You can use essential oils in warmers and on air conditioner filters to waft the smells throughout the air. Scented candles are available in many scent profiles. A dried lavender sachet tucked into a pillowcase encourages sweet dreams throughout the night.

As you decorate your Foster City apartment according to your taste, do not stop with visual enhancements. Bring favorite scents to the foreground, too. If you are not yet enjoying a luxury home, contact The Plaza to see your life as it should be.

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