Adopt a Pet for Your Apartment at the Peninsula Humane Society

June 30th, 2015

While living at our The Plaza Apartments in Foster City residents are more than welcome to live with a cat or dog. If you want a pet, the Peninsula Humane Society is the perfect place to adopt one because those animals are in immediate need of a home.

Peninsula Humane Society

Source: Facebook

All the cats and dogs live at the Tom and Annette Lantos Center for Compassion, which is a 12 minute drive from our apartments. At that center there’s dozens of dogs and cats that are all types of breeds waiting for a home.

The Peninsula Humane Society strives to make lasting matches. You’ll have to fill out an adoption profile, and meet with an adoption counselor. You’ll then get to meet all the dogs and cats to see which one you want to take home.

The Center for Compassion is located in Burlingame at 1450 Rollins Road. You can visit the adoptable pets seven days a week. Adopting a dog costs $75 to $120. All dogs will have a microchip.

Those who want a place to live with their new pet should come see our pet-friendly apartments near the Peninsula Humane Society. Please contact us to set up a tour.

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