5 Undeniable Reasons You Need A Massage Today

April 1st, 2016

Stress is everywhere in our lives. We all have never-ending responsibilities and tasks that need to be completed throughout our day. In order to manage this daily stress, it’s a good idea  to take an occasional time out and get a professional massage. Some professional massage therapists will even come to you, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your apartment here at The Plaza. Massage may seem like an expensive luxury but it’s important to maintain both physical and mental optimal health. There are several significant health reasons to get a regular massage.

5 Important Reasons For A Massage

  1. Simple touch will improve your mental health by reducing your anxiety and create an overall feeling of well-being due to the release of the  “feel good ” neurotransmitters in your brain. So massage does make us happier!
  2. Having a massage done by a professional on a consistent basis will improve the quality of your sleep. Obviously, who wouldn’t want to sleep better at night?
  3. Massage has the potential to reduce headaches caused by tension and has a positive impact on your immune system in general. No one likes being sick; so any activity that will boost your immune system is paramount.
  4. Due to the daily wear and tear people place on their bodies at work, poor posture is a problem for many people, as well as tight muscles. A professional massage will improve a person’s posture and loosen those tight muscles.
  5. It’s good for the blood! Regular massage will lower your blood pressure, having a positive impact on your nervous system. Why is that important? One in four people die of a heart attack in the United States every year.

After Completing Your Massage

Once you’re finished with your massage, drink plenty of water. The water will help to flush any toxins which may have arisen during the massage and rehydrate yourself.  Consider focusing on your breathing for a few minutes, keeping yourself in a calm and meditative state for a little while longer. Once completed, continue with your day.You will feel refreshed and ready to handle any task that comes your way. Again, massage therapists can be found anywhere, there is even an app now to locate mobile therapists who will come to your apartment in Foster City. Make an appointment today!


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