5 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

February 23rd, 2016

eco cleaningOften, when you shop for dish soap or a detergent, you have the tendency to check the product labels. Even if the label claims that a particular product is eco-friendly, it may not always be true.  Sometimes you may even come across certain terminologies on these labels such as eco-safe and natural that may not have any special definition as per the prevailing laws.

Certain products may claim that they are made of natural ingredients and yet can constitute of certain harmful ingredients. For a healthy apartment you must check out the complete list of ingredients on the product’s label. It is also the best bet to opt for eco-friendly cleaning products.

  • Laundry cleaning products

For your laundry work, avoid a product that constitutes of synthetic or artificial fragrances and phosphates that pollute the water. These can contain phthalates and VOCs that can even affect the functioning of human hormones. So use a laundry cleaning liquid product that does not have phosphates and perfumes.

  • Floor cleaning products

Many of the floor cleaning products may constitute of volatile organic compounds and solvents and both of these may emit fumes that are dangerous in nature. So use an eco-friendly floor cleaning product that constitutes of natural antibacterials.

  • Dish cleaning products

Many detergents that are used in automatic dishwashers may have ingredients that can come into contact with chlorinated water to emit dangerous fumes. So you should purchase a dish cleaning product that is free from chlorine and phosphate.

  • Bathroom cleaning products

Often bathroom or toilet cleaners constitute of harsh solvents that are made of non-renewable antibacterial and petroleum agents. Make sure that you select a product that does not constitute of such ingredients for cleaning your toilets.

  • All-purpose cleaning products

Many of these products may constitute of volatile organic compounds along with other harmful chemicals that may fuse together to create carcinogenic nitrosamines. Make sure you purchase a product that is free from such harmful ingredients.

The importance of choosing eco-friendly cleaning products is reflected by the safety of using organic and chemical-free products for both you and your surroundings. At the end of the day, you will be improving your surroundings by reducing the level of fumes you will breath in and that will be sent out into the environment. Protect all of the beauty around you by doing a little bit of research and shifting the cleaning products you are using in your living space.

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