5 Major Benefits Of Having A Costco Membership

October 20th, 2015

Costco wholesale offers you a wide variety of products ranging from appliances, to clothing, to groceries, and traveling solutions. When you plan to buy any product from Costco, you can be assured you’re receiving high quality products and that it will definitely be a valuable use of money. Costco believes in retaining its customers by making different brands available to you at affordable prices. Whether you’re a new resident to the West Coast or you’ve been considering a Costco membership, it’s a great option to look into. Costco offers different types of memberships within the chain and listed below are some benefits when you pick its membership:

  • Cash Back – The gasoline service of Costco is affordable per gallon compared to other retailers. When you buy gasoline using your Costco membership, you receive a hefty discount on your purchase and also earn around 2% on your membership card.
  • Offers and Deals – When it comes to offering warranties on your electronic purchases, there is no one that can beat Costco. The lifetime return policy at this retail chain is very customer friendly. There are many sections, including the pharmacy, of Costco that offers great deals on products.
  • Technical Support – Costco offers its members free technical support for almost every gadget that is purchased from them. This support is available throughout the day, week and year round. When the manufacturer offers a warranty on its products, Costco provides an in-home service on these products during this warranty time.
  • Roadside Assistance – If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of a surprise car problem, Costco can help. Costco offers a wide range of roadside assistance not limited to flat tires, locking keys in the car, or other breakdowns. Gas delivery, spare key creation, and towing services are also offered through your membership.
  • Mortgage Discounts – The mortgage rates at Costco are almost 2 points lower compared to other mortgage firms, and this offer is extended exclusively to the loyal members.

Not only will you find amazing deals on buying groceries in bulk, but a Costco membership goes so much further in assisting members in various parts of life.


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