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Repair Dry Winter Hair at Barberia Salon in Foster City

February 26th, 2015

The winter can be hard on your hair because of how dry the weather is. You can do something to help bring your hair back to life, and one of those things is visiting a hair salon in Foster City.

Help make your hair beautiful, healthy, and shiny again at Barberia Salon in Foster City. This salon boasts fantastic stylists who specialize in making your hair look good and rejuvenated. You will be pleased with the services offered here.

  • Check out the split end treatment that you can get when you have dry, damaged hair. The treatment will not only repair damaged hair but also prevent damage from occurring again in the future. It is a quick 10-minute treatment so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time getting it done.
  • The dream repair treatment is for hair that is severely damaged, and it can have your hair looking pretty again in no time. This treatment is especially useful if you find your hair has a “crunch” feel to it.
  • Add volume to your hair by getting the b3 treatment. This specific type of hair repair brings you hair back to its natural luster and health.

There are all kinds of wonderful treatments you can get done for your hair to help bring it back to its natural beauty after the dry winter weather has taken its toll. Be sure to visit this hair salon in Foster City to also get your hair colored, cut, and styled. You will love the service you receive from this talented group of professionals.

The next time you are cursing your hair, visit this hair salon in Foster City. You can find out more about our apartments near local services in Foster City by contacting us.

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Take Kayak Lessons on the Foster City Lagoon

February 24th, 2015

Do you like to get outside and have an adventure? Does the great outdoors call to you, beckoning you to come out and find some exciting new activity to take part in?

If so, you are in luck. Our area is full of opportunities for excitement in the great outdoors. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an upcoming day, consider taking kayak lessons on the Foster City Lagoon.

The Foster City Lagoon is the perfect place to spend time outdoors, and kayaking in Foster City is an excellent activity to try. The water is cool and clear, and the surrounding area is so lush and beautiful that you will have a hard time focusing on anything else. Luckily, you will stay focused once you get your kayak lessons going.

Kayaking on the Foster City Lagoon is a unique experience. You will paddle along the tranquil waters, taking in the scenery and discovering new parts of yourself. This is a wonderful experience for your body, soul, and mind. You will get a workout with the constant paddling, and your mind and spirit will be put at ease as you find your rhythm and take in the sights.

If you are interested in kayaking in Foster City, rentals are available. It is $10 per half-hour for a single person kayak and $20 per half-hour for a double kayak. Come out alone or bring a friend; either way, it will be just as fun.

In order to rent a kayak, you must know how to swim. A valid US Driver’s license is also necessary for anyone looking to rent any of the kayaks.

If you would like to learn more about our convenient apartments, please feel free to contact us.

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3 Best Seafood Restaurants Around Foster City

February 18th, 2015

The availability of fresh fish makes seafood restaurants in Foster City the most popular places to eat in the city. In a crowded market, these three restaurants stand out above the rest.

  • Kingfish Restaurant: If you love fresh oysters, you’ll want to check out this restaurant’s oyster bar. With both individual shells and platters available, you can get a plate for yourself or one to share with friends. For dinner, try the wild salmon or fresh fish tacos. Top off the evening with a fine wine from the extensive list. This restaurant is ideal for a date night or a special occasion.
  • Tokai Japanese Restaurant: Taste authentic Japanese sushi at Tokai. The maguro and unagi dishes are the best in the area, and there are more than two dozen offerings to choose from. You’ll want to try the sashimi combos for a unique dining experience. Come to this restaurant when you want to grab a quick meal after work or spend time with friends.
  • The Fish Market: For a relaxed and casual dinner, head to the Fish Market. This restaurant has all of your traditional favorites and a nice selection of sushi. Highlights of the menu include the smoked Pacific albacore and Idaho rainbow trout. This is the best choice for families looking for seafood restaurants in Foster City.

Our luxurious apartment homes keep you close to all of the hottest bars and restaurants in Foster City. Contact us to learn more about our community and to check on available floor plans.

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How to Decorate Your Foster City Apartment with Eco-Friendly Furniture

February 12th, 2015

If you’ve rented one of our eco-friendly apartments in Foster City, you probably want to furnish your apartment with eco-friendly products as much as your budget will allow.

The Plaza

Source: The Plaza.

Decorating with ecologically harvested, produced, manufactured, and shipped goods is a way to make your consumer dollars matter. By supporting companies that have a good social ethic, adhere to standard fair trade policies, and treat their employees fairly, you make corporations pay attention.

Making your own decorations and furniture allows you to pick low VOC paints, organic fabrics, sustainably grown and harvested woods, or recycled and re-purposed materials to turn your apartment into a unique lifestyle statement at our eco-friendly apartments in Foster City.

If DIYing it isn’t for you, look for good quality used items on Craigslist, yard sales, and crafts fairs and repaint, reupholster, and re-purpose. Also, buying from local artists supports the local economy and cuts out the huge transportation costs and fossil fuel usage that is detrimental to healthy ecosystems.

If you’re looking for big ticket items like mattresses and can afford ones made with organic wool, organic cotton, or latex, this is the best bet. Otherwise, choose futons made of cotton batting for mattresses and sofa cushions.

Rugs, bathroom accessories, and linens made from natural fibers like bamboo, hemp, and jute are also a good buy. Be aware of the characteristics of each fiber to determine where to use these natural fibers in your home before buying.

Always steer clear of buying rugs or furniture with stain-resistant fabrics that have been treated with Teflon or made with formaldehyde glue (plywood) or PVCs (artificial leather and vinyl).

Our eco-friendly apartments in Foster City boast a premium amenities package that our residents rave about. Contact us for more information or to schedule a tour today.

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Start Spring Cleaning Early in Foster City with These Tips

February 10th, 2015

It might seem counter-intuitive to think about spring cleaning in the middle of winter; we’re still in hibernation mode that pretty much disregards the state of one’s apartment. But spring is truly just around the corner, so starting early to envision clutter-free, spic and span rooms in your home isn’t a bad idea.

Luckily, there are a few standard apartment cleaning tips that will help turn that mountainous undertaking into a molehill swiftly and efficiently.

  • Get your gear in order: You can’t clean or declutter effectively if you don’t have the tools ready to use for the job. Stock up on your favorite cleaning supplies, paper towels, rubber gloves, large empty containers, and large garbage bags, and make sure your cleaning machines are in good working order.
  • Create a timeline: One of the most valuable apartment cleaning tips is the notion that you don’t have to do it all at the same time. If you can’t afford to take three days to do your entire apartment, separate each portion into doable time slots. Put it on your calendar, and stick to the plan you’ve created.
  • De-clutter first: You can’t clean until all of the junk’s either put away or eliminated. Go room by room separating stuff into three containers labeled “Keep,” “Recycle/Throw Away,” and “Undecided.” Force yourself to adhere to this task, and the rest will be so much easier!
  • Now clean: If you must go room by room, do steps three and four together within each time slot you’ve allocated. Pick the dirtiest room first. The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel once it’s done is worth the time and effort!

Providing these apartment cleaning tips are just one small way we take care of our residents at luxury Foster City apartments. Contact us today to schedule a tour, and see our apartments for yourself.

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Build Strength with a Blended Yoga and Pilates Workout in Foster City

February 4th, 2015

There are many types of exercise equipment that build strength and burn calories; barbells, medicine balls, and numerous machines can help build muscle strength through specific exercise regimens like crossfit, pilates, HIIT, or SIT and others.

The Plaza

Source: The Plaza.

But sometimes it’s necessary to take it down a notch and still feel as though you’ve relieved high stress levels when you’re done. At our apartments in Foster City with yoga studio, you can try a blended yoga and Pilates workout that is simple, only takes 15 minutes, still burns calories, and leaves you calmer, more centered, and feeling great.

This is a fluid workout combining 13 exercises, using only a floor mat, that increases strength and flexibility. The moves are all done lying down or on hands and knees so you can really concentrate on isolating each muscle group and breathing properly.

Here is the progression in three sections:

First Section: Start on your back, arching your spine up and down with 10 Pilates Imprints. Next, you extend each leg, hovering off the floor, then bending your knee into your chest for 10 Leg Extensions + Stretch. Third are 10 Leg Extensions on each leg, followed by five Pilates Imprints.

Second section: You’re on hands and knees for 10 half-push-ups stretching into Child’s Pose, followed by 10 Bird Dogs on each leg, 10 Cat to Cow, and 10 Cobra Tricep Push-ups.

Third section: Again, you’re on your back for 10 Bridge + Press + Pullovers, 10 Alternating Walk-ups, and 10 Alternating Knee Hug Circles. Finish with 20 seconds of knee hug stretch, followed by 20 seconds of full-body stretch.

Our luxury apartments in Foster City with yoga studio offers residents the opportunity for a healthy lifestyle with premium amenities. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour.

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