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Reasons to Use the Gas Stove in Your Foster City Apartment

January 28th, 2015

If you’ve never cooked on a gas stove or in a gas oven, you’re in for a treat in our apartments in Foster City with gas stoves. Unlike the old gas ovens that were temperamental affairs needing to be lit by hand, sometimes with dire consequences, modern, Energy Star gas appliances are highly efficient, clean, cost-effective and ultra-responsive.

The combination gas stove and oven units in our apartments work like a charm whether you fancy yourself the next Master Chef or simply want to cook bacon and eggs every morning.

There are now many advantages of gas over electric cooking:

  • Gas is cheaper and cleaner than electricity, emitting less carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere making it a greener option with a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Gas controls are more responsive; cooking temperatures can be regulated with a flick of the wrist, and gas ovens distribute heat more evenly.
  • Plus, you’ll still have the ability to feed your household, even when the power’s out during those freak winter and spring storms, in our apartments in Foster City with gas stoves.
  • And finally, gas stoves and ovens produce less ambient heat when in use which saves you money during hot summer weather.
  • Oh, and did we mention that gas cooking surfaces themselves remain cooler too which is a godsend in households with small children, the elderly or just plain clumsy, but industrious, cooks!

Our luxury apartments in Foster City with gas stoves offer many more premium, eco-friendly interior and exterior features that are sure to please even the most finicky of former homeowners wanting to simply their lives.

Step up to the LEED Gold designated lifestyle and leave your worries behind. Contact us today to schedule a tour and see for yourselves!

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Create a Simple First Aid Kit for Your Dog in Foster City

January 22nd, 2015

We all know to have first-aid and survival kits in our homes and automobiles for emergencies, but do you have one for your canine companions in our pet-friendly apartments in Foster City?

Even if you always walk your dog on a leash and faithfully take your dog for it’s yearly checkups, unexpected emergencies do arise. A first-aid kit can buy you valuable time or can eliminate the need to see a vet entirely.

By following this first-aid pet checklist you’ll always have emergency supplies on hand.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide, wound spray such as Vetericyn, and eye and ear wash are liquids that routinely come in handy. Hydrogen Peroxide can clean a gash or induce vomiting in case of poison ingestion while wound spray promotes healing and is an antiseptic. Use ear and eye wash to flush out debris or irritants after those long walks tramping through tall grasses or after a swim in the bay.
  • A short 5′ leash, a muzzle and a dog cone should be in your canine first-aid kit at our pet-friendly apartments in Foster City. Dogs that are injured can hurt themselves and you in their agitation so controlling them and forcing them to quiet down while you tend to their wounds is very important. Dog cones protect the wound site from a dog’s need to lick or scratch the area constantly.
  • Self-clinging bandages to staunch and cover a laceration and scissors for cutting the gauze can prevent undue loss of blood on the way to your vets.

Also, always have your dog’s records easily accessible and current in case you must visit an emergency clinic with Fido near our luxury pet-friendly apartments in Foster City.

We offer a premium amenities package that includes a dog walking service. Contact us today to schedule a tour!

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Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Fabric Softeners in Foster City

January 20th, 2015

If living green is an important part of your life at our eco-friendly apartments near Foster City, you probably use the community recycling program and are aware of your carbon footprint.

But are you also using eco-friendly alternatives to fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and laundry detergent in your Energy Star washer/dryer units?

Most commercial brands coat fabrics with a layer of toxic chemicals to prevent static cling and wrinkles, increase stain resistance, and leave clothes soft. Plus, the application of liquid fabric softeners make clothes, especially fleece, cotton, and flannel, highly flammable.

There is a better way to go, whether it’s a DIY mix of common green ingredients or the store-bought variety; there are safer and healthier alternatives out there.

The DIY approach is to use baking soda, white vinegar, or vegetable glycerin as a fabric softener in the wash. About 1/4 cup of baking soda can be added to each wash cycle or 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the rinse cycle.

Don’t use vinegar when washing delicate items though. Mix up a batch of vegetable glycerin (one gallon water, one cup vegetable glycerin) and use 1/2 cup in the rinse cycle of your washer in our eco-friendly apartments near Foster City.

For dryer sheets, aluminum foil crumpled into a ball works great to eliminate static electricity, and a tennis ball thrown in the dryer will keep your clothes soft and fluffy.

You can also buy eco-friendly brands such as ECover, Method, Seventh Generation, and Mountain Green that offer both fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

So avoid using non-biodegradable solutions that are hazardous to the environment in the Energy Star appliances that come standard in our eco-friendly apartments near Foster City.

Contact us today about our new LEED Gold designated, luxury apartments in Foster City.

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Celebrate Chinese New Year at These Restaurants in Foster City

January 15th, 2015

Chinese New Year falls on February 19th. It’s a Green Wood Sheep Year, according to the Chinese Lunar and Solar calendar system: a very lucky year promising peace, harmony, and good fortune.

If you can use a bit of all three in your life right about now, make a point of celebrating at one of the terrific Chinese restaurants in Foster City. Here are two that should be included on your list.

My Cooking Papa has three restaurant locations, and the one in Foster City is on Edgewater Boulevard. This restaurant serves authentic Hong Kong/Cantonese-style food at great prices.

A huge menu includes Peking Duck, clay pot dishes, and fabulous egg puffs for dessert. Be sure to try the roasted pork belly, Xiao long bao (steamed pork dumplings in soup), and the Fook-Kin fried rice; plus, any of the seafood dishes are sure to please. Try to get a window table; the view of the lake is a nice distraction while you wait.

Try 5 Joy Restaurant (1489 Beach Park Boulevard) for some of the best Taiwanese/Chinese cooking in the Bay area. Some favorite dishes are the Stinky Tofu, Thousand Layer Pancake, Beef Handcut Noodles, and the Lionhead ground pork meatballs. Top your meal off with a super sweet Chinese fried doughnut, and you’ll waddle out of the place.

You won’t find many restaurants in Foster City serving Taiwanese street food, but here, try the ChungHua Road Potstickers: flavorful dumplings stuck together in a row with thick skins. Yum.

There are many excellent restaurants in Foster City close by our luxury LEED Gold designated apartments. Let us know your favorites with a post on our Facebook page.

For more information about joining our community, contact us today to schedule a tour and see for yourself.

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How to Stay Focused in Our Foster City Business Center

January 13th, 2015

Working from home can be difficult as there are so many things to distract you. Even though you live in our apartments in Foster City with business center and they provide you a place to work, you can still get distracted.

The Plaza

Source: The Plaza.

Getting some noise-canceling headphones can help you to stay focused in our business center. There are many pros to using these; here are a few:

  • The best benefit is that they cancel out most noises. Since noises are what initially get your attention and thus distract you, the fact that the headphones cancel most noise is helpful.
  • If you like listening to music while you work, you don’t need the volume on high. Due to the fact that you are not distracted by outside noises, you can hear the music much better without it having to be loud.
  • Noise-canceling headphones are great for studying, even if you don’t use them for music. They are terrific for helping you to focus by blocking out the world around you. You can enter your own world and keep your focus on your work.

Enjoy working from home at your apartments in Foster City with business center. You can get a lot done with the use of noise-canceling headphones to help you keep from being distracted.

Be sure to contact us for more information about our luxury apartments in Foster City with business center, media center with coffee bar, and so much more.

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Top Romantic Spots to Take Your Sweetheart in Foster City

January 7th, 2015

People have very different ideas of what constitutes a romantic spot to take your sweetheart; for some, it’s a quiet table for two at a favorite restaurant without the kids while for others, it can be a beloved hiking trail or bike path with fabulous views.

But for spontaneous, romantic outdoor spots close by our luxury apartments, nothing beats the parks in Foster City.

Here are four of them that offer something unique within each one.

  • By far the biggest at over 20 acres, Leo J. Ryan Memorial Park on East Hillsdale Boulevard overlooking Central Lake, offers a wide variety of features for bicyclists, strollers, boaters, and tennis and basketball players. The gazebo is a particularly romantic spot to sit and watch the sailboats go by.
  • Gull Park on Gulf Avenue between Killdeere and Swan Streets has a sandy beach and a children’s playground, so if you must bring the kids, you might still sneak in a few romantic moments while the kids are otherwise occupied.
  • If you have canine kids, try Boat Park on Bounty Drive and Foster City Boulevard where there’s an off-leash dog park with separate fenced areas for big and small dogs and a water station. You and your sweetie can spend time together while Fido wears himself out playing with all of the other dogs there.
  • One of the nicest parks in Foster City, Erckenbrack Park on Niantic Drive, has romantic benches under shady trees overlooking the water near a children’s playground and sandy beach.

Our eco-friendly luxury apartments are close by these parks in Foster City, plus a wealth of other entertainment, cultural, and athletic venues. Why not schedule a tour of our new community by contacting us today?

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